Kinesiologic Tape Original

Kinesiologic Tape Original


Kinesiologic Tape has conquered its place in the therapeutic practice of many professionals worldwide. It is based on the application of an elastic bandage of one color (depending on the disease) that adheres to the skin and produces immediate analgesic effect. Causes mild traction and elevation of the skin continuously decreases pressure immediately, restoring blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This reduces the pressure on nociceptors (pain receptors) thus eliminating the perceived pain. Automatically, allows a more physiologic pattern of movement, which benefits tissue recovery and improves joint function (increasing their stability, promoting their repositioning and correcting the direction of movement.


What is for:
  • To reduce pain in different type of injuries.
  • To improve posture.
  • To improve joint function.
  • To facilitate return to exercise after an injury.
  • To improve sports performance.
  • To increase muscle tone in weak muscles and relax overloaded muscles.
  • To encourage lymphatic and venous drainage, favor the reabsorption of edema and reduce inflammation.


  • Elastic band 97% cotton and 2% elastane.
  • Measures 5 cm by 5 m
  • 8 colors: Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Beige, Black and Purple.
  • Elasticity 30% equals skin elasticity.
  • Comparable thickness and weight to the skin.
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive layer.
  • Breathable.
  • Can be used up to 8 days.
  • Waterproof and quick drying.


How to use:
The skin should be clean and dry. It is recommended that the application surface has no hair and has shaved at least 6 hours in advance to avoid irritation. When applied before physical activity must be made at least 30 minutes before departure to avoid takeoff. Round the ends of the bands can prevent off prematurely. Is recommended before use, make allergy test.


Importancia de los colores:

All Tapes are made of the same material and contain the same substances. The different colors have only a psychological meaning from the point of view of chromotherapy, which gives them the following qualities:

  • Red · Pink · Yellow: are warm colors with a greater absorption of the light, reason why they are appropriate to raise the temperature of the zone, favoring a better circulation of the blood. Therefore, they are indicated in subacute or chronic muscular injuries. In addition, the warm colors are stimulating, they increase the energy.
  • Blue · Purple · Green: Are cool colors that reflect more light, so they are appropriate to lower the temperature of the area, favoring vasoconstriction. Therefore, they are indicated in acute or inflammatory lesions (sprains, tendinitis, etc.). In addition, cold colors are relaxing.
  • Beige · Black: Have a neutral effect. They are used as reinforcement of the other colors. In fact, they were created because of their great demand at the aesthetic level.

* In case you want a specific color, consult us before its availability.



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