Desinclor Transparent Solution 50 ml

Desinclor Transparent Solution 50 ml


Chlorhexidine digluconate is a fast-acting antiseptic and effective against a variety of microorganisms, ideal for the treatment of wounds and skin aggressions. Being transparent, shows the evolution of the treated area. The practical format of 50 ml spray makes it very comfortable to use.

Composition (for each 100 g of solution): Clorhexidina Digluconato (Ácido D-glucónico compuesto con N,N'-bis (4-clorofenil)-3-12-diamino-2,4,11,13 tetraazatetradecanodiamidina (2;1)) 1 g.

How to use: Apply on healthy, clean and dry skin. After washing and drying applied directly to the skin area to be disinfected, at least 3 sprays. Allow to stand for at least 5 minutes. Leave to dry and if necessary, dry with a disposable towel.

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