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Snail Slime Cream + Aloe + Rosehip 100 ml

Cream Snail Slime Extract, Aloe Vera and Rosehip, highly moisturizing and regenerating. Buy now and get other FREE CREAM.


Colagen Plus 30 envelopes

Food supplement rich in Collagen, Hyaluronic AC and antioxidants that slows the effects of aging and regenerates the skin.


Raspberry Ketone 60 Cap.

Food supplement intended for weight control whose main ingredient is an enzyme extracted of raspberry that acts as a powerful fat burner.


Colagen + Organic Silicon 180 Compr.

Food supplement into tablets based on Marine Collagen, Organic Silicon and Magnesium, enriched with Vitamins C and D.


Cream with Syn-Ake (viper venom) 50 ml

Anti-Aging cream with SYN® AKE, an antiwrinkle component based on a tripeptide which is found in snake venom with effect botox.


Serum with Syn-Ake Viper venom 30 ml

Serum Anti-Aging with SYN® AKE, an antiwrinkle component based on viper venom and thus produces effect botox.