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New Mosquisin Ethnic Bracelet 2 units

Imitation leather bracelets with impregnation of essences anti-mosquitoes. Adjustable by cord closure. Effective against tiger mosquito.


Mosquisin Slap Smile Bracelet

Silicone bracelet with adjustable self-closing and "smile" shaped reservoir to locate the essence pill inside.


Mosquisin Neoprene Bracelet

Neoprene bracelet with adjustable velcro closure and grid for locate the tablet with scents that repel mosquitoes.


Mosquisin Jodi Bracelet

Bracelet incorporating the new pill "E.C.H" (Control High Oozing) high efficiency and durability with natural scents that repel mosquitoes. Adjustable with braided cord.


Mosquisin Clip Baby

Deposit silicone apple shaped, adjustable clamp and cord. It offers deposit for location on the same tablet essences.


Mosquisin Ethnic Bracelet Spain 2 u.

Imitation leather bracelet with impregnation of essences, adjustable by knotting lace closure. Its design more careful and selective allows its use at any age. Ideal to wear for the next world champion or at any time as a fashion accessory.


Mosquisin Slap Smile Bracelet Spain

Silicone bracelet with a original and colorful design and self adjustable closure system with interior sheet metal. It has shaped deposit "smile" to locate inside the refills.



Mosquisin Refill for Neoprene Bracelet

Kit 2 antomosquito pills for Mosquisin Neoprene Bracelet whith essence of Citronella and Wild Tomato. Overall length 30 days.